CBCT is a compact, faster and safer version of the regular CT. Through the use of a cone shaped X-Ray beam that rotates 360degrees around the patient head similar to panoramic exposure. It allows you to understand the hidden aspects of your case , hence provide you with a  confident diagnosis and treatment plan ,increasing the success rate of your treatment or surgery and decreasing the complications.

Advantages of CBCT:

  1. Low radiation dose : Between 50 mSv and 1000 mSv while conventional CT reported at 2000mSv for routine head examinations . In VeraViewpocs R100 there is a Dose Reduction feature which optimize the intensity of the x-rays and lowers the exposure for easily penetrated tissues.
  2. High resolution and clarity : CBCT provide a very clear ,detailed and accurate image. At ISCAN the images are of 125 µm voxel , thus provide a super-high resolution .
  3. Variable field of view (FOV) : At ISCAN we have  a wide FOV range that enables the doctors to select specific area required for each case starting from only a segement (2-3 teeth ) to both arches with the maxillary sinus included  and thus reduce the cost and amount of exposure to the patient.
  4. High Speed : the scanning process takes from 9-20 seconds
  5. Low cost : The cost of CBCT scans almost 50% less than regular CT


•    Oral surgery
•    Oral lesions/ tumors
•    Impacted Teeth
•    Impalnt planning
, simulation
•    Cephalometric Analysis
•    TMJ analysis
•    Periodontal disease

•    Endodontic /working length  /root fracture


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