Each case requires a CBCT, Implant surgical guides using Cone Beam Computed Tomography is the most advanced process of predictably planning dental implant placement. It is a turn?key solution to supporting dentists in surgical guidance. Each  patient is scanned with the suitable scanning protocole, being in the imagine field for years allow us to get the best out of our CBCT machine.

Model Scanning

We use the highest category and most up to date lab scanners to ensure the accuracy, predictability and precision of our iGuides.
We promise

  1. Accuracy that is Less than 10um.  
  2. Texture scanning.
  3. Precision

With a perfect 3D scan, and an exceptional CBCT scan supporting it, we can guarantee you a perfect fit that will make your surgery go very smooth and predictable.


A prosthetic driven implant placement will make your prosthetic step very easy. You can either work with our team of dentists to create the plan or plan your own cases on your implant planning software.  This will help you prepare your implant components to be placed in a preplanned direction. Online technical support with our specialists will help you achieve your ultimate design of your treatment plan.


There are several printing techniques available and a few 3D printing machines available in the market,
We invested in the latest technology in 3D printing, as we believe that this area is of eminent importance to fabricate a perfect surgical Guide for you.
The european-made 3D printing module that we offer will produce a product that is the exact same replica to the design that we will fabricate with the clinician.
Our printer will allow us to offer you a range of products that will take your practice to a whole new level.
Including and not limited to:

  • Surgical guides
  • Customized abutments
  • Temporary prosthetic components
  • Dentures
  • Orthodontic aligners


The Guiding step is the shortest, easiest yet most significant step in the process.
Our Guides are provided depending on your preference on treatment plan, we offer:

  • bone supported Guides.
  • tooth supported Guides.
  • mucosal supported Guides.
  • Which method is used depends on the clinicians preference.

iGuide will  be freely delivered to you in an elegant, sterile packaging together with our universal surgical kit, that will not only offer a professional experience, but a very posh one.
Our Surgical kit is a universal kit, it will offer placement of any implant system, it is easy, simple and convenient.

Why iGuide?

  1. All in one place starting from CBCT to 3D printing, all you need is just to ask your patient to visit us with the iguide request.
  2. Your iGuide will be accompanied by a sleeve-less surgical kit. Sleeve-less drills will make you drill through the guide using only ONE hand, giving you the flexibility to use your other hand to feel the stability of our guide and ensure no complications in the seating of the surgical template.
  3. Shorter operation time.
  4. Eliminate guess work, which may lead to unpredictable errors .
  5. Avoid unnecessary procedures and expenses.
  6. Build simple, open & sustainable products .

Our company focuses on guided surgery. When customers present difficult situations, we find creative solutions. We keep things simple, and do the right thing for clinicians and their patients.

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