What is CBCT?
CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography or Cone Beam CT.
Cone beam CT is a tomographic scanning technology that can scan and acquire a specified volume of the patient's head and generate a 3D data set at much lower radiation doses than their medical CT counterparts.
Cone Beam CT represents the latest generation in medical imaging scanning machines ascending from conventional x-ray, to panoramic and cephalometric x-ray, to medical spiral CT. Cone Beam CT scanners have been used for diagnosis and treatment planning in diverse dental specialties such as maxillofacial surgery, implantology and oral pathology.


• X-Ray Radiation exposure to the patient is up 10 times less than a regular CT scanner.
• Much faster scan time. Scan on a CBCT takes between 9-20 seconds.
• Cheaper, average price of a CBCT scan could be up to 50% less than a regular Medical CT scan.

• CBCT scans are noninvasive, and can eliminate the need for exploratory surgery in some cases.

• To avoid surgical surprise, accurate treatment planning and help avoid complication and hence faster healing period and excellent results
• diagnosis of dental and maxillofacial pathology, trauma , impacted teeth , endodontics, tempromandibular joint assemsnt , sinus assessment and dental implant placment.

How is the Procedure carried out ?
A semi circular arm make one complete 360° rotation around your head.
To avoid any movement, your head will be held in place by a biting block  and a head satbilizer. This helps in avoiding repeat scans and unneeded radiation exposure.

Is it Painful ?

CBCT is absolutely painless and the entire procedure takes only a few seconds.

Is there any special preparation for the scan?

-    No special preparation is needed.
-    You will be asked to remove anything metal such as earrings, necklaces, hairpins or eye glasses.
-    Dentures will be removed during scanning unless needed.
-    Incase a surgical guides is required for dental implants , a scanning appliance is to be provided by your dentist.

Appoinment :

No appointment is required , at ISCAN we have a fast processing flow of patients in an elegant relaxing atmosphere.
Waiting time maximum 10-15 minutes, unless report is required , patient is asked pick it up in 6 hours also we have the option to deliver it to the doctor’s clinic.


ISCAN is located in the famous neighborhood of Smoha,
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Building 2 (Tulip) , Third floor.
Above  HSBC BANK , KHALIL pharmacy and cookieman .
Next to Mohamed Korayem school .
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Mob: 01277757770

Cairo Branch : Rofayda Health Park, 27 Crazy Water Axis Sheikh Zayed, Entrance 2, 27 26th of July Corridor,2nd floor, Clinic 102 , Giza Governorate, Egypt.

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